I custom design workshops and offer trainings in:


Photo by Ilana M. HorwitzOrganizational Development:
Assisting organizations in change processes, hiring & restructuring

Diversity Training:
Helping you to become an inclusive multicultural company, group or team

Conflict Resolution:
Diagnosing & Solving Intercultural Conflict through mediation & group process observation

Training of Trainers:
Evaluations & needs assessments, learning styles, process design, and much much more

Experiential Learning
: Exploring Privilege, Power, Stereotypes & Identity: Race, Class, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, (dis)ability, & Religious Differences




Training of Trainers and Facilitators--Workshops in:


Processes and Techniques 
Fishbowls, Parking Lots, Question Box, How to Call on People, Icebreakers

Tips, Tricks and Tools
Modeling, How to run a Brainstorm, Developing Ground Rules/Guidelines, Dealing with Difficult Participants, Equalizing Participation, Moving a Group Towards Action, Working with a Co-Facilitator, Facilitating Large and Small Group Discussions, Asking Probing Questions, Note-taking, Visioning

Concepts, Theory and Skills
Process vs. Content, Group Decision Making, Stages of Group Process (Form, Storm, Norm, Perform), Adult Learning Theory and the Experiential Learning Cycle, Creating a Design that works for Different Learning Styles, Active Listening, 3 Ways of Listening (Non-Verbal, Facts, Feelings), Listening for Change and Strategic Questioning, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Non-Violent Communication, Triggers, Conflict Resolution Styles and Choices, Resistance, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Multiple Intelligences, Neutrality, Best Practices of Facilitation