As a trainer, I am adept at helping participants to feel safe while also challenging them to move beyond their comfort zones. Through a mix of active listening and strategic questioning techniques, I am able to gain insight into the thoughts and needs of participants. I can custom-design workshops of any length or deliver from a selection of ready-made trainings.

Theoretical approaches include:

  • Popular Education (Myles Horton & Paulo Freire)
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • The Experiential Learning Cycle (Kolb)

Trainings are competency-based:

  • Each workshop segment will have clear deliverables.
  • The goal is always to increase participants' knowledge, allowing for skill development & creation of new attitudes


Stylistically, I am equally comfortable with solo and collaborative trainings and am open to giving and receiving feedback. I believe that training is a forum for constant process improvement and value the action/reflection framework. I also view evaluation as a critical tool for success.